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Iron Man

Superheroes are different. Someone like Superman and someone Spider-man, acquires superpowers. As someone like Batman, uses in combating Crime reach new technologies. Tony Stark has no incredible abilities, but he never sought to become a superhero, satisfied with the life of Playboy-millionaire. Tony, however, a talented inventor, a corporation which specializes in the production of new weapons, and so it attracts the attention of Afghan terrorists.

They take Starck captured and forced him to work for them, but the secret creates kiberbronju and dressed in her chosen. After returning home, he continues to work on the armor-suit of iron man, able to lift a man into the air and participate in battles. The Corporation Stark plotted, and when the hero learns about this, he decides to deal with all the problems as iron man. Actors who played in the movie Robert Downey Jr., Terrence HoWard, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leslie Bibb.You are watching the movie Iron Man produced in USA belongs.

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