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The Selfish Giant

The film tells the story of two friends-malchishkah living in the English town of Bradford. It seemed that skinny and via Chur irascible fellow Arbor will not be able to make friends with anyone from his peers, but he was able to become best friend Swifty Morales, his complete opposite. Trying to survive in a poor town, friends zagibajushhemsja gradually means trying to earn a living, and once they are able to find a great way to earn good money. They begin to steal and sell scrap metal that brings them pretty high incomes. However, this kind of earnings keeps a great danger, because for stealing you can run into huge trouble ... Actors who played in the movie Conner Chapman, Shaun Thomas, Ralph Ineson, Ian Burfield, Everal Walsh.You are watching the movie The Selfish Giant produced in UK belongs.

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