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In the Centre of the story family animated film "Ferdinand" is a young bull who prefers not to exercise his unbridled temper and chew the grass, bask in the Sun, sleep under the trees, listening to the noise of the wind and smell the flowers. From birth he grew quiet and calm, didn't show any aggression. Realizing that it would be hard for him when he grows up, his mother in every way tried to get him to interact with their peers. She has always feared that her child will be lonely and rejected. But eventually she got tired, and she ditched.

Years later, when all the calves grew, the protagonist was the most enduring, powerful and strong. Despite this, he retained his calm temper. And while he sniffed flowers on the picturesque fields, his peers dreamed to competitions in Madrid. And who would have thought that it is Ferdinand will choose as a bull, which must go to the fights. But most importantly surprise awaited the audience, which was not an ordinary soldier, and bull, which his whole appearance shows love for life. Actors who played in the movie Jack Gore, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Nile Diaz, Colin H. Murphy, Carlos Saldanha.You are watching the movie Ferdinand produced in USA belongs.

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