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The Shape of Water

"The Shape of Water" is a mystical journey, against the background of social changes and the cold War. The Action takes place in the first half of the sixties, when scientists working in various fields, tried to make a scientific breakthrough. But special emphasis was placed on the genetic developments.

In one of the secret laboratories scientists who receive virtually unlimited funding, are studying a mysterious amphibian man. He was unlucky to be born with great natural anomaly, and he is considered to be the last representative of the once-powerful species, destroyed by human cruelty. Military and scientists are trying to figure out how his ability can be used to gain an advantage in the cold War. At the same time, the laboratory appears mute charwoman. She accidentally discovers amphibian and begins to experience compassion to him. A woman wants to help him escape, realizing that make it almost impossible. Despite the barriers, she starts to plan his release and was willing to risk their own lives. Actors who played in the movie Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Stuhlbarg.You are watching the movie The Shape of Water produced in Canada, USA belongs.

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