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Kicking off a sneak preview of "12 Strong", we are introduced to an elite military unit with more experience of difficult and dangerous Affairs. Despite its preparedness, only some of them visited hot spots. Everything they are witness to the tragic events of 11 September. At that time, everyone understands that after a while all the special assignment unit will leave for Afghanistan.

The next day the Guide Warns them that now they will have to fight in hot spot, defending the interests of democracy and giving rebuffed global criminal community. Once in Afghanistan, soldiers have difficulty adapting to a foreign country, living not only in its customs, traditions and rules, but also laws. They merged with secret agents of government intelligence and soldiers of the Northern Alliance. Only so they will have to resist the aggressive Taliban. But to achieve the goal they will unleash a major War. If they return the order on the planet? Actors who played in the movie Michael Shannon, Chris Hemsworth, Taylor Sheridan, Elsa Pataky, William Fichtner.You are watching the movie 12 Strong produced in USA belongs.

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